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Yes, there is. This usually takes place on the first Saturday in December of the year prior to your child commencing 4-year old or 3-year old kinder. The orientation program gives children an opportunity to meet their educators, play indoors/outdoors and familiarise themselves with the kinder setting.

We encourage friendly, warm and ongoing relationships between parents and teaching staff.

There are many ways that communication occurs at kinder throughout the year.

  • Parents handbook
  • Social representatives from Committee (WhatsApp groups)
  • Notices in pockets
  • Facebook
  • Surveys
  • Term Newsletters (from Committee and teachers)
  • Parent-teacher interviews (4-year old kinder) in the middle of the year
  • Educational program (displayed in the foyer and classrooms)
  • Emails
  • Regular communication with your child’s teacher

Absolutely! We would love to show you around our kinder. You are welcome to visit us at anytime (or you can ring the kindergarten and make an appointment).