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Team of Staff

Our passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated team, create an environment that is safe and secure, warm, caring and nurturing, WELCOMING, exciting, fun and stimulating.

We pride ourselves on our positive and warm interactions with children; offering encouragement, praise, respect, acceptance, support and guidance. Lev Vygotsky introduced the Zone of Proximal Development, which is the gap between what children can learn unassisted and what children can learn when guided by an adult. Vygotsky believed that children learn with the guidance and support of those in their environment. Educators need to know the children in their care well, and knowing that children will need assistance at times, know when to step in and guide them to support them in the learning process.

We see our role as laying down the foundations so that children develop a delight in, excitement for and life long love of learning. We will challenge, inspire, motivate and share the enjoyment of learning with the children.

We work together as a team to provide the highest quality of early childhood education for our children, through observation, participation, critical reflection and intentional teaching. We believe when staff work as a team they are more likely to be motivated, positive and supportive towards children, families and other staff members. Staff will meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas, share information and update knowledge.

All staff are encouraged and supported to grow professionally through professional development, critical refection and striving for best practice in the early childhood sector. As educators we aim to provide a sense of belonging with each child so that they feel supported and encouraged. This will promote confidence and connectedness within their community.

We are passionate about creating inviting, irresistible and engaging learning spaces and experiences. The Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) and The National Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being and Becoming (EYLF) guides the planning and implementation of our programs. We are guided by The National Quality Standards as we strive for best practise.