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3-Year Old Kinder

For many children 3-year old kinder is their first experience of spending time away from family and family life. We offer a rich, supportive, inclusive and homely environment that supports this transition.

A learning environment that is open-ended and meaningful to children. An environment that is based on children’s strengths, interests, developmental needs and intentional teaching.

We build relationships with children that are respectful and authentic, responding to their needs in a caring and nurturing way.

Our program supports children to ‘be’. To be in the moment, to take risks, make new discoveries, have a go, try new experiences, and grow in confidence and independence.

Our program supports the natural environment inside and outside. We are passionate about recycling, upcycling and sustainability. We encourage children to be actively involved in recycling, watering and caring for plants, and feeding the worms.

Our program supports the uniqueness of every child.