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4-Year Old Kinder

At Evesham Road Kindergarten, we offer high-quality, play-based educational programs, in a rich, stimulating and homely learning environment. Our programs promote inclusiveness, encompass intentional teaching, and are meaningful. A wide range of open-ended learning experiences are offered, and these are based on the children’s interests, strengths and developmental needs. The children are provided with long periods of uninterrupted play and time to explore, experiment, discover, imagine and create.

We believe that all children are capable and competent learners. We encourage and support them to take initiative, be independent, grow in self-confidence, take risks, try something new and different, make new and exciting discoveries, develop skills and get out and about in the wider community to experience things first hand. We have a strong commitment to sustainability and encourage the children’s active involvement in caring for our environment, we value family involvement and participation, and we are supportive of a child’s right to get messy in their play.

We aim to develop the whole child – cognitively, socially, physically and emotionally. We respect each child as a unique individual, and celebrate children’s individuality. 4-year old kinder is a special and unique year in its own right. It is our aim therefore, to provide the children with the most amazing year of kinder; one rich in learning, opportunities and experiences. We hope that our programs, and each child’s kinder experience, will instil in them, a lifelong love of learning.